Road Safety Strategy
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Vision and ten-year targets


Zero lives lost on our roads by 2050

To achieve the national vision of zero lives lost by 2050, over the next ten years our goal is to:

  • develop a culture of road safety in the community and our workplaces, with local knowledge and capacity to support people and families; and
  • have safer road infrastructure and transport options for all road users, ages and abilities.

To achieve this, individual road users, State and Local Government, regulatory partners, non-government organisations and the private sector all need to play a role in the long term aspiration to dramatically reduce harm on our roads.

Ten-year targets

The South Australian Government is adopting the targets supported for inclusion in the National Road Safety Strategy 2021-2030, of at least a 50% reduction in lives lost and at least a 30% reduction in serious injuries on South Australian roads by 2030. As this Strategy extends to 2031, the targets are adjusted accordingly.

Baseline 2018–2020
(3-year average)

National Road Safety Strategy Targets by 2030 for South Australia

By 2031

96 lives lost

Fewer than 48 lives lost

Fewer than 43 lives lost

708 serious injuries

Fewer than 496 serious injuries

Fewer than 474 serious injuries

The targets are based on halving the total number of lives lost and reducing the total number of serious injuries by 30%, rather than on a per capita basis.