Road Safety Strategy
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Older road users

Older drivers are involved in a relatively small number of crashes, however these crashes are more likely to be of a higher severity in part due to the fragility and frailty of these older users.

Research shows that as people age, a medical condition or medical event is more likely to be a contributing factor in a road crash.

There will also be a focus on the use and promotion of safer vehicles with older drivers. The use of safer vehicles could provide benefits for older drivers particularly in providing increased protection when a crash occurs. Improvements to the road environment are also important, particularly changes which reduce or simplify the decision-making task for the driver.

Older road user crashes are likely to continue to increase in future years due to the growing number of people in the 70+ age cohort.

Key strategies

  1. Influencing the uptake of safer vehicles by older people and providing information about the benefits of vehicle safety technology. Investigate incentives for older drivers to encourage the move to safer vehicles;
  2. A tailored program will be developed for older South Australians, dealing with the key contributing factors to them losing their lives or being seriously injured on our roads;
  3. Explore opportunities to make roads and crossings easier to use for older road users; and
  4. In collaboration with the health profession, develop improved reporting and recording systems for the lodgement of medical information relating to licence holders.