Stay focused. Stay in control.

5 January 2021

How is playing an elite game of soccer the same as driving your family or friends home? Both require focus and control for best, and safest, results.

The Government of South Australia, through the THINK! Road Safety initiative, is again partnering with the Adelaide United Football Club to share important road safety messages during the 2021 A-League season.

If you are watching the game live and in person or from a screen, note the players’ focus and control with no distractions on the field. We want to reinforce this by reminding you that if you have the car, remember to show that same focus and control on your drive home. Think about it – no one’s driving if you’re distracted.

THINK! Road Safety is a South Australian Government initiative aimed at encouraging all road users to think about their behaviour and actions on the road. It’s a reminder to everyone that road incidents can be avoided when everyone thinks about their own behaviour when driving, riding or walking.

Every time you get behind the wheel, THINK! Road Safety and help end the road tragedy heartache.